Yuju, Yugyeom, Jungyeon, Changsub, Eunkwang compete for ugly dance title


On an anniversary episode of ‘Weekly Idol‘, by far the standout segment of the whole affair was the ugly dance competition involving Eunkwang, Yuju, Yugyeom, Jungyeon, and Changsub.

Eunkwang was the reigning title holder, so he put on a demonstration.

Then Yuju, Yugyeom, Jungyeon, and Changsub competed for the right to challenge him.

Probably the best part is Yugyeom looking like he wasn’t going to participate in this ridiculous, stupid affair but then going buck wild.

Eventually Yuju came out on top (incorrectly) and faced off against Eunkwang.

They should do this every episode, really.


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