Hani got a CT scan to disprove plastic surgery rumors … the fuck


Hani of EXID, because of persistent rumors about plastic surgery, felt compelled to get CT scans of her face done to try and prove to netizens she didn’t do any work on her dome.

In order to disprove all the rumors, she prepared her past photos as well as CT scans. Present at the time, ZE:A’s Kwanghee, known for his own history of plastic surgery, confirms that if Hani had anything done, especially on her nose, it would show up as abnormal white lines on the CT scans.


Of course, this doesn’t rule out fillers or whatever else, but that’s just basically accepted as standard for celebrities. Still, I’m writing about this because it’s just ridiculous to me that somebody has to get an unnecessary CT scan just to prove she didn’t get her face rearranged. Especially surprising for somebody who looks generally similar to how she did as a kid, but then I’m sure the sudden influx of criticism has nothing to do with her dating now.



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