HyunA looks great in “How’s This?”, but the song is a clusterfuck


HyunA recently released “How’s This?“, which is honestly basically her joining a Korean hip-hop label and letting them handle the music, resulting in whatever trend-riding clusterfuck this is.

I can see what they were trying to do with “How’s This?”, and it especially shines through in the pre-chorus and the hook (if you can call it that), but instead of going all-out for a banger with the instrumental, most of the song was actually rather tame and there wasn’t much addicting about it. Worse yet, there’s little deviation so it gets quite repetitive the more one listens to it. For a song like this, the worst thing that can happen is it comes off flat, and too often “How’s This?” does exactly that.

HyunA’s quasi-rapping, quasi-singing is what it is, so she relies a lot on concepts, instrumental, and hooks to make everything work. Unfortunately, I gotta say all three didn’t work for me this time, and it came off like something those AOMG dancers would release if they were an actual girl group.


In terms of the music video, HyunA is amazing looking, so that helps a lot.








That said, the music video itself is rather lame, right? HyunA and others dancing in a club … and that’s about it. Compare this type of music video to like “Red” or “Ice Cream” or “Bubble Pop” and it’s just lazily executed.

Cube Entertainment is broke and useless.


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