Lee Jin Wook’s alleged victim’s arrest warrant denied & she says police coerced her


Lee Jin Wook‘s sexual assault case seemed over, but the alleged victim came out to deny that she admitted to making false accusations. It was previously reported that she confessed during the police investigation, but no arrest warrant was issued for false accusation against her. Now, in addition to denying making false accusations, she’s saying the police coerced her.

A maintains her accusations of sexual assault. She said, “I expressed refusal from the beginning.” A further explained that she was unable to prevent Lee Jin Wook’s actions and felt sexual shame following the unwanted sexual relations. Furthermore, she revealed that the detectives induced her to confess. She explained, “They lead me to confess saying that whether I admit or deny the flow is against my favor and I could end up in prison for false accusation. They even told me what to say.”

You can believe this or not, but would it shock me if the police just wanted to make it go away? Nah. That’s backed up a bit by her not being arrested for false accusation despite the fact that she allegedly confessed to it directly to the police. It’s … odd if her alleged confession was valid.

Meanwhile, Lee Jin Wook’s people say they haven’t heard anything about that…

Lee Jin Wook’s side responded to this news and stated, “We didn’t hear about her refuting her statement from the police.” The agency said they will have to confirm with the lawyers about the case.

…and the police have issued a denial through a source.

A source from Suseo Police Station said, “At the time we investigated Lee Jin Wook’s accuser A with her lawyer in attendance. The confession was made without the use of force.” The source continued, “Following the results of the investigations, a request for an arrest warrant was made since the charges of false accusation were admitted but [the request] was denied. We will try to resolve this case quickly after reviewing the judge’s reason for rejection and the prosecutor’s opinion.” Lastly, the source added, “If it is needed, we can call in Lee Jin Wook and A again for additional questioning.”

Honestly, I thought this case was over, and it sure seemed like the combination of the charges getting dropped against him and the alleged victim confessing to police were enough to exonerate him.

However, given that she now contends that her alleged confession to the police was coerced by officers and that she still maintains a sexual assault occurred, it muddies the waters a bit again. The part I would want to find out more about is the same as the police, which is why she wasn’t charged for false allegations when she supposedly confessed to doing exactly that to the police themselves. It’s weird.

We’ll see if this goes anywhere from here. It could blow up to be quite serious if the charges against the police are true, or it could be just end up a blip, but either way it should be looked into at least.


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