Topp Dogg react to BgA’s “Dong Saya Dae” and urge women to poop comfortably

Topp Dogg have finally discovered their true life’s ambition, which is to surpass the immeasurable talent of K-pop’s hottest new act, BgA. Of course, this is impossible as we all know that BgA is the best K-pop group in the history of the entire world as proven by their multiple #1’s in countries that are not America.

Hansol in particular was incredibly impressed, notating how silly he would sound speaking random English in a song. Something that would never happen in K-pop.




While the other members were more concerned in the general health of BgA’s bowels.



Most importantly, though, Hansol would like the ladies of the world to take dominance over the patriarchy by releasing themselves whenever they feel the need.


Iconic woman’s right to shit anywhere legend.

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