Tiffany releases an apology for her flag controversy

Tiffany recently released an apology on Instagram for her flag controversy, and it’s a quality apology that hopefully at least blunts the hate a bit.


Hello. This is Tiffany.

I sincerely apologize for my mistake on a meaningful day like this that caused many people to feel unhappy.

I am very embarrassed for my mistake that caused many people to feel disappointed and I am deeply reflecting on myself.

I know everyone is watching my words and actions so from now on I will try my best to become more mature in my thoughts and actions so that this kind of mistake will never happen again.

Once again, I am very sorry for causing disappointment because of my fault.


What she did was dumb and an apology was appropriate, but it’s obviously not going to stop everything and she’s going to have to take her share of lumps over this (fair or unfair).

While she seems to have gotten out in front of the problem quickly, the issue is still that there’s no easy fix for this. After all, like in other cases where nationalism or any serious issue becomes intertwined with pop culture, it quickly becomes a mess that takes a while to dissipate … if it ever does. It’s laughable how far people are willing to take it, and in the end, one just has to hope it doesn’t escalate into something ridiculous.


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