Girl group NiNi disband after ‘indecent behavior’ by producer as they slept


A Japanese idol girl group named NiNi has announced that they will disband over what they’ve described as “indecent behavior” by their producer as they slept in their car.

“Producer Yoshimura engaged in indecent behavior while members of NiNi’s were sleeping in the car, while on the way to an appearance venue. The members of the group will not stand for this, and have notified the police of the incident. Following a discussion among the members, the decision has been made to disband the group. We are still reeling from the psychological shock of the event, but would like to complete our tour of Tokyo, as well as our performance scheduled for August 21, so we hope to see all of you there.”

What exactly the producer allegedly did is not specified, but based on the description, it seems to me like they’re definitely hinting at sexual assault of some kind.



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