Seo Ji Soo accuser guilty of spreading false rumors, acquitted on defamation charges


Despite what recent media headlines would have you believe, one of Seo Ji Soo‘s accusers was found guilty of spreading rumors, and was only cleared of defamation charges because collaboration with two other accusers couldn’t be proven.

Court has found that Seo Jisoo is innocent. “A” was acquitted of accusations regarding the spread of rumours with “B” and “C”. The lawsuits involving “B” and “C” are still ongoing. The court failed find any evidence that “A” worked with “B” and “C” to spread the rumours regarding Jisoo. “A” was penalized for the spread of rumours. In addition, Woollim made a settlement with “A” with an agreement to not spread rumours any further but “A” did so, and Woollim sued “A” for defamation. “A” is still guilty of spreading rumours.

The accuser was still fined for the spreading of those false rumors, so that remains the same and Seo Ji Soo shouldn’t catch grief over this. However, there wasn’t enough to get the netizens on defamation because there wasn’t enough evidence that it was a group effort, basically. People are using that to say that the accusations against Seo Ji Soo are true, but in reality, all three accusers have been found guilty of spreading false rumors.

Predictably, Woollim Entertainment is not happy about that decision.

Woollim Entertainment explained, “Previously, we settled with the defendants who were informally under indictment through monetary fines in their favor. However, they reported the distorted truth on the internet again with the purpose of slandering Seo Jisoo.” Her agency continued, “The prosecutor acquitting the three individuals who spread false rumors and defamed [Jisoo] on July 15 is unjust. We have already submitted an appeal to the Seoul Northern District Prosecutor’s Office on August 18 and are protesting.” Lastly, the agency stated, “The non-indictment due to lack of evidence will obviously harm Seo Jisoo’s life so we will not yield to lies. We will take strong action in order to reveal the truth that has been hidden.”

So this is all about not being able to get them on defamation charges after the accusers allegedly violated the terms of a settlement with the company.

The most important thing to realize in all this is that the judgement of Seo Ji Soo is the same as it was over a year ago when two netizens were fined for spreading rumors that prosecutors declared false, except now that number is three.


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