‘God Of Music’ adds LTE Girls to end the careers of TWICE, G-Friend, and others


Finally I’m back to ‘God Of Music‘ because I have enough time to watch, and although all the embeddable videos have been taken down, you can still follow along with me watching episode eight here.


The most important thing is that LTE Girls are here to help LTE end the careers of TWICE and G-Friend and whoever else. After CIVA ended I.O.I, it only makes sense that they go after others now.

The talent is off the charts, especially with Kyungri.

Queen of honesty.

John Park also showed up with Han Hyeri, which was worth it if for no other reason than I finally get to be exposed to his character.

Why was I unaware of this before?

Shade on Lee Sangmin in multiple languages is surprisingly just as effective.

Solbi was a good sport as well.




Lee Soo Min is so vocally talented, she can do impressions, apparently.

The vocals are flawless.

Anyway, let’s end with the return of the otakus.


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