‘Crime Scene 3’ isn’t even close to returning and I’m mad as fuck


Yoon Hyun Joon, producer of ‘Crime Scene‘, was recently asked about the potential of a third season, and now I’m fucking triggered.

Basically, there’s a lot of factors preventing Season 3 from happening. Crime Scene isn’t a show that anyone can produce. The writers for Crime Scene are now working on other projects. Producing Crime Scene requires 10 months of extensive preparation. So, it’s not ideal for them to pluck the writers away from their current projects to reform the Crime Scene team. Also, there’s extremely high expectations and standards for Season 3. Unless everything falls into place, they won’t begin producing Season 3. Also, Yoon Hyun-joon CP is the guy managing the Two Yoo Project. Two Yoo Project Season 2 will happen before Crime Scene Season 3 (if it ever happens).

Are you fucking … what?



I have never been more triggered in my life.

This is definitely one of the few shows I never miss.


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