Yezi & Babylon’s “Chase” is quite standard stuff, but their execution carries it


Yezi teamed up with Babylon to release “Chase“, which is a relatively standard R&B/hip-hop track that is carried almost entirely by its stars.

The template for “Chase” is rather basic and has been done many times before. You’ll find nothing new here from the instrumentation, composition, or structure, and it’s definitely a safe effort through and through. So in that sense, it’s not something that’s ever going to jump off the page at you, yet it works better than expected.

Yezi (!) and Babylon’s vocals work well together throughout the track, with Babylon’s falsetto and Yezi’s sensual vocal standing out in particular. Yezi’s rapping generally sticks to her usual harsher delivery, which makes sense for the content of the song, but at times she switches it up and takes things down a notch to something a lot more sultry. It was both effective for the mood of the track and nice to see her step out of a comfort zone a bit and still perform well.

As with most of these types of tracks in any genre, whether the song rises above being painfully basic is dependent on the performances of the artists involved. Fortunately, Babylon and Yezi emerge as definitely pluses, as they expertly execute the retread elements to lift the track above what could’ve been something I turned off in the first minute.




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