Yoon Mi Rae drops the casually smooth “JamComeOn Baby” and satisfies


In case any of you were wondering if Yoon Mi Rae has lost her touch yet, the answer is a simple, “Nope.” That simplicity is exactly what she showcases on her latest release, “JamComeOn Baby,” and makes it blatantly clear why imitators will always fall short.

The track kicks off with a nice pulse in the instrumental and echoes of T’s smooth vocals that ride into the opening chorus’s groove. The chorus is a simple melody, if not repetitive, but pleasant and effective. There’s just enough energy in the beat that the more spaced portions of the song, like the first verse, hardly feel slow or boring. The second verse sees an interesting push of energy as Yoon Mi Rae chooses to show everyone how ‘sing-talking/rapping’ is actually done. As the song goes through slight builds and lulls, it’s overall very relaxed. It’s the type of effortlessness that a lot of artists try to pull off in this genre, but rarely do, often falling into the ‘bland’ territory.

Granted, this is not Yoon Mi Rae’s finest, but it’s still very much enjoyable. More importantly, it shows us the exact reason she’s just so damn consistent with what she does. There’s an ease of authenticity to whatever Tasha puts out, and it makes it blatantly apparent why those who try to imitate will find a tough time living up to her originality.


I didn’t think much of the video, unfortunately. The movement and some of the lighting effects are definitely effective in creating captivating stills from the video, but watching it all the way through is a bit of a burden. I feel they linger on the slow motion too much, essentially killing some of the more interesting moments lying within.







Basically, because almost all of it is slowed down it lacks proper emphasis between movements. When captured like this it appears much more dynamic and the “controlled chaos” of all the dancers performing different choreography could have made for a rather fun and whimsical music video. Although, even then, I don’t think that’s fitting for the song. It makes me wonder if they took footage from something else and simply tried to force it to work within the songs context.


While the music video may not be my cup of tea, I don’t feel it deterred enough from the overall effort that it effects my view of the song. Another solid release by an artist who consistently delivers. Even if this is not Tasha’s best, it’s still certainly enjoy to be an enjoyable experience.


‘JamComeOn Baby’

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