Utada Hikaru teams up with Shiina Ringo on “Nijikan Dake No Vacance”


Utada Hikaru recently released the music video for “Nijikan Dake No Vacance“, which features getting up close and personal with Shiina Ringo.

In a lot of ways, the song itself isn’t especially noteworthy. It’s a very adult contemporary track, and while it’s a pleasant listen, I’m not exactly sold on the replayability.

That said, I enjoyed the fact that I got to listen to artists who sound distinct in their vocals. Every time I read K-pop fans whining about a warble or lack of high notes from either of these two I roll my eyes, and it’s actually pleasant to have the lower register taken care of and not have mandatory screaming towards the end. It’s not exactly like Hikki’s catchy mid-tempos from back in the day, but it’s generally such an easy and fun listen because of their individual performances.

Also, the music video has visuals to maintain interest in itself.





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