Wonder Girls’ Yenny dating Jinwoon from ‘God Of Music’, confirmed by agencies


Yenny of the Wonder Girls has been secretly dating Jinwoon from ‘God Of Music‘ (and 2AM or whatever) for around three years, according to a recent report by Sports Donga and later confirmed by their agencies.

The news outlet cites a source within the industry that says the two have been dating since 2014 after being friends under the same label, JYP Entertainment. It is said their relationship became romantic because of their similar thoughts and taste in music. Also according to sources within the industry, Yeeun would record the demo version of the songs she composed with Jeong Jinwoon playing guitar. They also gave each other instruments as gifts. It is also said that they were able to keep their relationship a secret for so long because they were once in the same agency and they would hang out with other people for their dates.


While everybody is happy for Yenny, I am also happy that dance god Jinwoon has finally found somebody to love his moves.

Just imagine them at a club. Legendary lessons being taught.

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