SME says that actually Hangeng totally never talked with Leeteuk, you guys


Oh hey, remember that nice story about Hangeng talking to Leeteuk and him wanting to perform with Super Junior at least one last time? Yeah, well SM Entertainment released a statement saying this was all totally bullshit.

On September 20, Label SJ of SM Entertainment stated, “It isn’t true that Leeteuk talked to Hangeng on the phone. The information in the article is groundless.”

Given Hangeng’s existing relationships with the members of Super Junior, I don’t believe for a second that he just decided to make this shit up. Thus, it was likely SME putting the kibosh on any reunion talk for obvious reasons, and I think GFY was being a bit optimistic about SME being chill about them reuniting in any capacity resembling official.

Oh well, it was nice for like … a day.


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