Utada Hikaru performs “Tomodachi” on NHK, maybe comes out as not “straight” on Twitter


Utada Hikaru was on NHK SONGS, and while on the show she performed “Tomodachi“, which is both new song and one written from the perspective of a gay person that’s falling in love with a straight friend.

Again, she performed a song with that content on NHK. That’s not nothing.

People assume Utada Hikaru is straight, so it irked some to have her seemingly impersonating a gay person for the sake of her music. As such, people started to question her … which is when she maybe came out.

Hikki has supported LGBTQ for a while now, so it was honestly sorta ridiculous to get on her case of all people (IMO), but her replies on Twitter definitely took things in a different direction and surely made it seem like she didn’t identify as being “straight”.

Regardless, Hikki rules.


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