Jung Joon Young’s sexual assault/sex tape case involving an ex is a mess


Jung Joon Young, who shot to stardom on ‘Superstar K4‘ and now fronts the band Drug Restaurant, is currently involved in a mess of a controversy regarding an alleged sexual assault (reportedly) and a sex tape allegedly filmed without the consent of his partner.

The story recently broke because his company responded to a Sports Seoul report of him being under investigation for sexual assault.

Sports Seoul reported on September 23 that Jung Joon Young was being investigated by the Seongdong District police after being accused by female “A” for a sex crime. According to Sports Seoul, the police had questioned “A” and the singer and was looking at forwarding the case to the prosecutor.

JJY’s company, C9 Entertainment, clarified that the case was already closed and the charges were cancelled because she submitted the charges “impulsively.”

C9 Entertainment clarified in an official statement that while it is true that a female had submitted charges against Jung Joon Young, the charges were immediately canceled and during the investigation period, the truth was revealed and the case closed. The agency stated that the non-celebrity female impulsively submitted charges after a “small misunderstanding” with the singer. The agency further revealed that the case is expected to be wrapped up by the prosecution after the office found no reason to further investigate Jung Joon Young.

C9E reps then mentioned in a separate interview that JJY and the woman are still on friendly terms, and that they used to date.

Jung Joon Young is still friendly with “A” and they even ate clam together last week. The rep said that they two went out briefly in the past.

So that seemed to wrap things up nice and tidy for JJY without much of the mess that came with other alleged sexual assault cases.

Well, of course things weren’t that simple. Channel A reported recently that JJY was brought back in for questioning because he allegedly recorded himself and the woman having sex, but didn’t get her consent to film it.

Channel A news revealed on the 24th that Jung Joon Young has been taken into questioning once more by the District Prosecutors’ Office for filming himself and Woman A during intercourse without her consent. It has been revealed that during this second investigation, Jung Joon Young admitted to having filmed the video, but claimed that he misunderstood her for having given him consent. When asked to turn in the device used to film the video for evidence, the rock vocalist claimed that he had deleted the video from his cell phone as soon as their intercourse was over and that his cell phone was recently broken anyway and did not turn the device over to prosecutors.

Okay, so it wasn’t a sexual assault case like Sports Seoul said, but more like sexual harassment, I guess?

Either way, JJY admits that he did film himself and the woman having sex, but when the police asked him for the phone he recorded it on, he clarified that he deleted the video after she informed him that she didn’t give him consent to film and that the phone was broken so he couldn’t turn it in as evidence.

Given that his excuse for not turning in evidence is lame and that mistaking consent in regards to filming a sex tape is quite a tale in itself, it didn’t exactly look the best for the guy. And thus, he called an emergency press conference to clarify everything.

Jung Joon Young clarified his actions, saying, “It was a video that my ex-girlfriend and I both agreed to film, but I deleted it immediately afterwards. However, the word ‘hidden camera’ had appeared in reports, causing her to greatly fear everything.” He continued to emphasize the difference, saying, “The footage was not from a hidden camera.”

So now JJY is saying that they were both aware from the start and that he just deleted it after. However, we never actually hear from her so it’s hard to get the whole picture. In fact, he even apologizes for her and then apologizes himself.

The singer also revealed his ex-girlfriend’s thoughts, saying, “She is a person whose future is very promising, and is a person who is not used to the public’s interest. She is deeply regretting how much the situation has become magnified.” Jung Joon Young apologized during the press conference, saying, “I sincerely apologize for causing a stir. I decided to hold this press conference in hopes to stop any more damage for us both.”

What do I think? I dunno. Assuming they’re actually telling the truth this time and the case is closed, we’ll probably never find out more about this anyway by design.

I mean, it’s definitely possible that she just “impulsively” pressed charges that were grounded somewhat in reality to get back at him and regretted it later. But then again, this whole story (especially since we never hear from her) leaves a ton of room for a cover-up. One could say that it sounds less like she “impulsively” pressed charges against him and more like she was pissed that he recorded them having sex without her consent and went ballistic because of his violation of privacy and trust, thus it’s also definitely possible they just took care of this thing privately to save his image and career.

Regardless of what you believe, this whole thing has definitely been a mess.


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