Clazziquai lets everybody know that they’re definitely back with “Curious”


Clazziquai released “Curious” back on September 5, but I’m writing about it now because it seems like nobody covered it at the time or something. Either way, better late than never, especially when it comes to this group.

This was a pre-release track, which makes sense, because this is definitely something that sounds like a throwback to their earlier work while also not coming off like a single as much as an album track. That’s not an negative comment either, as it’s essentially one of those quality, foot-tapping tracks that made it unnecessary to skip any songs on their earlier albums because everything was imminently listenable.

Neither Alex nor Horan is necessarily supremely vocally talented in the traditional K-pop sense, at least in the way that there’s no risk that they’re gonna try to invoke Whitney Houston at every turn so their fandom can fap to their talent. That’s a welcome relief in itself, but when they do sing, especially Horan, you know it’s them, and that helps sets tracks like this apart from most. Oh yeah, and the funky electronic instrumental by DJ Clazzi definitely never hurts.


The music video also starred, as it followed a trio of two dudes and one girl, who take inspiration from Clazziquai’s music. The trio basically mirrors Clazziquai’s own existence, which perhaps makes it all the more appropriate that the sound is a throwback effort from them.

None of the members of Clazziquai ever appear in the music video, but in one sense, they’re also always in the music video. That concept helps cap off what was already a quality pre-release effort, and “Curious” is definitely something that could’ve stood on its own as a single if it needed to. Most importantly, the track declared that Clazziquai was most definitely back.




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