S.E.S. are reuniting after 14 years, improbably come back under SME’s banner


Continuing the trend of first generation groups reunifying due to the nostalgia of old farts who really shouldn’t be into K-pop anymore (*cough*), S.E.S. are going to come back under SM Entertainment‘s banner for one last money grab ride.

That’s not to say I mind, of course, and this isn’t all that surprising to me either. S.E.S. have always been close even after the group broke up, and they even had a fanmeeting like just a few years ago (yes, I was a Eugene fanboy, WHAT ABOUT IT?), so a reunification probably wasn’t hard to do. What was hard to do is getting them to do it under SME’s banner, because members have basically blamed SME for their contract problems that led them to not renew to begin with.

In addition to the news reports, Bada announced everything herself on Instagram, posting a picture with Eugene and Shoo, talking about how the reunification is going to be for the 20th’s anniversary of S.E.S.



Support them, you peasant fucks.


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