PENTAGON’s “Gorilla” cheats by using a beat I cannot resist


I was unaware Cube Entertainment was planning on debuting a new boy group, but Pentagon are here with a mover & shaker in their debut single “Gorilla.”

I really can’t take the legitimate references to gorillas throughout this entire experience seriously. The opening sound bites of news reports and police radios, the chorus lyrics, the gorilla choreography, and the shots of actual gorilla’s in the music video are ridiculous, to say the least. But, I kind of love that it’s so absurd and hilarious.

Essentially, they are cheating by using a beat like this because I can’t not like it. Even while I review this, I am singing “like a gorilla” over and over in my head. It’s damn catchy, and regardless of it being K-pop’s 10th version of Jason Derulo‘s “Talk Dirty“, I am shamelessly here for it. The squeaky nasal rapper almost made me hate it for one second, but then it went right back into the horns and the chorus. (Which at one point adds on, “Now I’m banging on, I’m banging on my chest.” Iconic Harambe tribute lyric GODS.)


The music video, for being as silly as it is, showcased a lot of really sharp and cool looking choreography. Yes, they danced like gorillas and beat the theme into the ground. I loved it.








They also seem to have plenty of visual members. They all look like little boys to me, but they are handsome little boys nonetheless.






In conclusion, Pentagon are clearly named this way for a reason. Using their warlock abilities and black magic, they forced Cube to create an infectious beat that I could not resist shaking my rump to. It might be a Jason Derulo rip off, but I really don’t care. Give me more brassy horn highlighted tracks, Pentagon. I am weak and simple.

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