TWICE’s “TT” pairs a great music video with a pleasant song that fails to hook


TWICE have returned with “TT” and a Halloween concept, and while the song may be a bit of a question mark, the music video comes through.

While the hook for “Cheer Up” eventually won me over despite my initial skepticism (everything after the first verse still sucks), I’m more skeptical about the ability of “TT” to appeal in the same way. On initial listens, it comes off similarly flat but without the volume to eventually brainwash people to love it through sheer tempo and association with TWICE’s image alone. It sorta reminds me of one of those hooks that come with one of SM Station‘s EDM releases in that it’s pleasant and enjoyable, but I’m not sure how memorable or catchy it really is.

That said, apart from the hook, “TT” was a quality effort thanks in no small part to the verses that kept the energy going and the song flowing forward towards the chorus. Hell, the best part of the song comes from the “ba-ba-ba-baby”, which worked better as a hook than the actual hook. Heck, even the lyrics of that section add a little bit of sass to what seems like just throw-in aegyo (albeit effective).



That said, this track will inevitably live and die with how the hook holds up over the long haul. And while it’s nice and inoffensive enough, I’m skeptical about whether it will grow on me.

Note: They deserve some credit for making “TT” not sound completely like “titty” throughout, which is what I expected.


The music video basically uses a Halloween concept to do cosplay again, and I’m impressed with the multitude of ways JYP is finding to just put the TWICE members in different outfits to appeal to the broadest base possible. The outfits themselves find a way to have the members range from humorous to sexy to cute, and there’s no doubting the execution in this department.










The bunny costume and the bunny dance is the best possible use of Dahyun‘s talent, and that’s not meant as an insult. It’s basically impossible not to enjoy her appearances in the music video.

Aside from that, though, please somebody think of those poor kids who just wanted their damn candy and they had to be lectured by these nine girls who change in and out of costumes.


TWICE’s “TT” will probably be effective no matter what because TWICE is definitely on the path to being the next national girl group, if they aren’t already. The song is safe and pleasant enough to keep them on the linear path to success, and even if it’s not a viral hit or anything like that, they now get to use their strengths to market the release: their images, their personas, and their charm. That will help compensate for wherever the song itself falls short, and the music video already goes to some lengths to do just that. TWICE are great and entertaining idols, so the plan should work just fine even if the song might require a second look from me in a few weeks to see if it became an earworm or not.


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