Far East Movement, Hyorin, Urban Zakapa, and fake Tinashe perform on ‘Sketchbook’


Far East Movement are promoting their latest album, ‘Identity‘, in Korea, and they were recent guests on ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook‘.

On the show, they performed “Freal Luv” and “Umbrella” off the latest album.

Should’ve let Hyorin sing the whole thing instead of having whoever that Tinashe impersonator was who couldn’t quite do it.

They also performed two of their older hits in “Like A G6” and “Rocketeer“.

Urban Zakapa helped out and made it work.


‘Identity’ Album

“Freal Luv” Song

“Umbrella” Song

“Like A G6” Song

“Rocketeer” Song


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