Jiyoon makes bland solo debut as Jenyer with “I Do”, but “Magnet” is better


Former 4Minute member Jiyoon, who’s going by Jenyer for artistic reasons or whatever, recently dropped her solo debut, “I Do.”

As a rule, not judging books by their covers makes sense, but in this instance the lead picture perfectly hints at the kind of song it was going to be. Sorry, but this was a safe, bland effort that is indistinguishable from many other efforts. It’s one of those songs that you’ll find beautiful and all that if you’re a fan, but if you’re not, you switch it off within a minute.

Alrighty, now before you submit your hate comments (“U H8 JIYOON ALL ALONG! SLEIGH KWEEN!”), I did think the other song on the single album, “Magnet,” was a much better effort.


I said it was better, I didn’t say it was good. Jiyoon does fit the R&B mode a lot better where the vocals are less tested, and she sounds a lot better rapping in the studio than she does trying to improvise on reality shows. Regardless, this is a far better direction, IMO.

Of course, a significant part of why I enjoyed “Magnet” far more is the contributions of Olltii, who is great but also is an asshole for not releasing more music. Why did Olltii feature on the track? I dunno, but Jiyoon would be well to continue the trend for her solo releases.


‘Day And Night’ Single Album

“I Do” Song

“Magnet” Song


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