T-ara have taken their final form and it is glorious


T-ara are coming back soon with “TIAMO,” a song I’m probably going to hate cause they’re already warning us that it’s going to be a soft and heartfelt ballad and that it won’t be like other T-ara releases. Fortunately then, they gave this interview to OSEN, in which they basically don’t give a shit anymore.

It’s what I’ve always wanted.


On Netizens Hating Them

Q. T-ARA is inclined to receive bad comments from the netizens. Is there anything you’d like to say to them?

Eunjung: It’s better than no comments. We’re fine with anything.

Jiyeon: We’ve released ourselves from it.

Hyomin: We debuted 7-8 years ago and it’s been 4 years since the incident. It was the Olympics then. This year is also the Olympics and we thought, ‘Ah, it’s been 4 years.’ We couldn’t believe we actually suffered more and got loved more that whole time. We talk about this among ourselves, but we really endured well.


Eunjung: “I will quote Sashihara Rino, the greatest idol ever, ‘Even if they are abusing me, I just think of it as me getting more money for doing nothing.'”

Jiyeon: “We don’t give a fuck anymore.”

Hyomin: “Damn, it’s been four years for you wack motherfuckers and we’re still here. Lulz.”


On Desiring To Give The People What They Want Cause No Fucks Are Given At This Point

Q. Any varieties show you want to guest as full members?

All: We want to go on ‘Knowing Bros.’ It’s spiteful, but I think the viewers will laugh and enjoy at the sight of us getting spewed with insults.

Hyomin: That’s right. I think people would laugh (at us getting dissed). I want to go on ‘Saturday Night Live Korea.’


All: “Are you not entertained?! Is this not why you are here?!”


On Whether They Give A Fuck About Regaining The Love Of The Korean Public Anymore

Q. Do you think you will regain your popularity in Korea?

Hyomin: I don’t think so. We don’t think to gain more popularity now. We’re just living in the moment.


All: “Who gives a fuck? Not us.”


On People Waiting Every Day For The Last Four Years For Them To Disband But Ending Up Outlasting Basically Everybody Else

Q. You’ve recently heard much news of groups disbanding and leaving, what is T-ARA’s plan?

All: It’s something we’ve all been talking about, but in our hearts we want it to stay the way it is. (The groups that split/disbanded) had 7 years on their contract, but our first contract wasn’t even 7 years, in fact it was even shorter. We’ve re-signed a contract two times. T-ARA will keep going in the future. We’ve passed the 7-year curse. We definitely have no intention to disband or split.


All: “They been calling on our asses to disband for four fucking years but we still out here, bitches. Your wack-ass biases can’t even keep they shit together for ONE FUCKING CONTRACT, yo. We re-upped with this clusterfuck of a company twice just to up the difficulty level and we’re still here with the original six, AND we thick as thieves with each other when our dumbass company don’t add a Satan-worshiping basket case and a nail salon enthusiast. We ain’t going anywhere. LMAO!”


On Wanting To Be Like A Hated Version Of Shinhwa Just To Troll

Q. What is your big picture as idols that have been around for 10 years?

Eunjung: I want to keep carrying T-ARA’s name with me.

Soyeon: Do some acting. Even after getting married and becoming a housewife, T-ARA won’t split and will stay together for the fans. Not in the near future, but if you’re talking about the big picture.

Hyomin: The thing we’ve always said among ourselves is to stay together as T-ARA. We don’t know what will happen. Even if we did split, I want to keep having fan meetings and concerts even if we can’t do album promotions.


All: “We are never going away, if for no other reason than out of spite.”


T-ara have reached the stage in their careers where they are too old for the whole idol charade and don’t give a fuck anymore.

This is what I always wanted from T-ara.




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