‘Entourage’ features making out with Lee Tae Im & Clara in a bikini at least


The Korean version of ‘Entourage‘ has started airing, and it’s receiving less than stellar reviews. That should come as a surprise to nobody, because the original was just guilty pleasure television as it is, and it was primarily powered by raunchy and/or profane jokes plus lots of tits and ass. The problem, then, is that even on a cable network like tVN, the Korean version has to eliminate most of what made the original watchable.

That aside, um, there was a reason I was interested as they would obviously have to push the envelope a bit. Including things like Lee Tae Im looking hot and making out (awkwardly but aren’t they all in Korean dramas) with Seo Kang Joon

…and Clara making a random appearance in a bikini.

Oh god I hope this starts her march back to the top … of whatever she was at the top of before.


Alert me to other instances of female eye candy (the whole show is male eye candy, honestly, with Seo Kang Joon in the lead), as that’s the only reason for interest at this point.


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