SNUPER go for another throwback concept with “It’s Raining”, but miss this time


SNUPER certainly gained attention (especially mine) with a throwback concept and sound, so it’s not a surprise they went in that direction again, this time going with a lively synth-heavy dance track for “It’s Raining.”

As has been pointed out, rain has been a theme recently, and unfortunately this doesn’t do much to provide evidence that it’s a theme that should become a trend.

Saying “it’s raining” over and over didn’t work for me as a hook, the instrumental was rather basic, and it’s like they purposefully tried to strain the vocals of the boys. Furthermore, the primary outfits were so plain (white shirt/black pants) and the production was questionable (rapping was overwhelmed, especially).

SNUPER have and can do better.


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Thot Leader™