A VICTON fandom rush or a fast-zombie post-apocalyptic hellscape?


VICTON, who are A Pink‘s brother group, already have crazy fans. There’s no better evidence of that than fans pawing at a gate like zombies and then, at the first sign of a gap, running for dear life just so they can buy the group’s album and get a place at a fansign event.


The hero of this is the first girl to break through, as she immediately recognizes the gap down low and lies in wait. There’s others who have the same idea that are closer to the security dude, thus drawing his attention, and at that moment when he’s distracted, she makes her mad dash from the outside.


She even stunts on him a bit, giving him the look back after she turns the corner and evades his pursuit like a five-star running back recruit that didn’t even have to bother with the stiff-arm.

She and she alone leads to the premature raid. The power truly is in you.


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