Heechul & Kyunghoon get amusingly dramatic with Momo for “Sweet Dream” MV


Heechul of Super Junior and Kyunghoon of Buzz teamed up with the ‘Knowing Bros‘ cast and Momo of TWICE for the music video for their “Sweet Dream” song. If that alone isn’t enough to sell you on it, then I don’t know what is.

This is now the best thing to come out of ‘SM Station‘ and makes the whole project worth it.


“Sweet Dream” is a rock ballad that’s alright musically, if not a bit generic, but the music video compensates. I mean the whole thing is basically satire of ballad music videos, using as many tropes as possible.

Heechul is in love with Momo, just like in real life, but she is actually in love with Kyunghoon. She confesses to him in a note, but Kyunghoon is a bro and tries to set Momo up with Heechul anyway. Unfortunately, that’s when Lee Sangmin and the ‘Knowing Bros’ gang shows up and beats the fuck out of them and takes Momo away.


In order to get Momo back, the duo train with some guy that looks straight out of ‘Kill Bill‘.


Meanwhile, Momo and the gang are in some kind of warehouse, apparently just waiting since they don’t have to pee ever or something. And since they have so much time, they mock TWICE’s “TT” to Momo’s face.


But then Heechul and Kyunghoon storm in like a scene out of ‘Gokusen‘ — or for a Korean comparison, ‘My Wife Is A Gangster‘ — and beat them all up. Heechul goes in for some sweet Momo action, but Momo disses him to run to Kyunghoon.



Time for Heechul to head over to Reddit or 4chan and go on a nice guy rant!

But then Heechul wakes up on the ‘Knowing Bros’ set and it was all a dream, which I thought was the twist, until…


…Kyunghoon is the one who loves Heechul.

K.Will, eat your heart out, bitch. What kind of M. Night Shamalamadingdong twist?

They basically covered most of the dramatic music video tropes and turned it into a comedy.




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