Kim Yuna reportedly blacklisted by Park Geun Hye government for refusing to shill


Figure skater Kim Yuna, who is already the GOAT for not playing that shit with Park Geun Hye, was also reportedly blacklisted for not shilling an exercise routine developed by Choi Soon Sil buddy, Cha Eun Taek.

KBS TV reported Saturday that Kim had been on Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism blacklist for turning down a ministry invitation to attend a public trial of “Neulpum calisthenics” in 2014. The exercise routine was developed by Cha Eun-taek, a commercial director and close acquaintance of the president’s confidant Choi Soon-sil.

Kim Yuna was reportedly branded a “traitor” over this, and was excluded from being recognized for her accomplishments due to a fabricated rule.

From that point on, in 2015 Kim reportedly was excluded from candidates for “sports hero,” which the Korean Olympic Committee (KOC) nominates every year to honor athletes who promoted Korea with their achievements. In an online poll of support for the 12 final candidates, Kim received up to 82.3 percent support. But she was exempted from the final screening because she was too young ― a rule that did not exist in the first place. KBS said an acquaintance of Jang Si-ho, Choi’s niece, witnessed the ministry’s possible avenge on Kim. Jang’s acquaintance told KBS: “I heard Jang saying ‘Kim is now branded as a traitor by the ministry.'”

Worth it.

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