KittiB’s “Nobody Perfect” doesn’t hit musically but is still worthwhile


KittiB has made a comeback recently with “Nobody’s Perfect“, and though it’s not my thing musically, she continues a trend of still making her efforts worth a listen anyway.

Since signing with Brand New Music, KittiB’s career seems to be going down the right path. From her participation in the “Sse Sse Sse” collab to her “Doin’ Good” debut under the label, I’ve appreciated what she’s doing.

The trend continues with “Nobody’s Perfect”, despite the fact that musically it wasn’t something that pleased my palate. KittiB acquitted herself well in terms of skill, sure, but more importantly her lyrical content addressing double standards, beauty standards, body image, discrimination, and misogyny continues to speak more than just exist. Granted, lyrics along those lines can come off as contrived since there’s no real risk to being against most of those things, but KittiB manages to make it more personal and emotional than fake.


‘Nobody’s Perfect’ Single Album

“Nobody’s Perfect” Song


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