Dudes bid a lot of money on ‘Hello Counselor’ to own Somi’s used clothes … yeah


On a recent episode of ‘Hello Counselor‘, the show did an auction, and one of the guests was I.O.I‘s Somi. For her part in the auction, Somi put up a taekwondo uniform and a pair of shoes that she wore recently.

Bidding got, uh, out of hand.

So yeah, there’s a bunch of people bidding a lot of money on her items, but four guys ended up bidding like $700 on a 15-year-old idol’s used clothes, and they had to stop it before shit got out of hand.


They ended up determining the winner by letting Somi judge which one of them imitated her taekwondo moves the best. Okay, great.

But what I want to talk about is at what dollar amount did this go from “aw cute fans supporting Somi” to “wait, these old motherfuckers are definitely using a child’s worn clothes to fap with, fuck my life”? I say it’s about at the range where like 75% of the audience drops out and it’s down to dudes who definitely look like they’re gonna use the items for dubious reasons. Worse yet, why they gotta make Somi choose between the four dudes left? What are the chances the dude she picked is gonna like fucking stalk her now? And what are the chances the three dudes she rejected are compiling hate posts against her to post to Pann as we speak?

Save Somi.


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