BADKIZ remade their viral hit with “Ear Attack 2”, return to promoting violence


Over two years ago BADKIZ dropped “Ear Attack“…

…which is a thing that went a bit viral back then.

Ultimately, though, it didn’t lead to a whole lot of traction for the group, as evidenced by the fact that I even feel I need to explain this.

Well, fortunately to everybody who wasn’t aware of all this before, they decided to remake their own song and have come out with “Ear Attack 2“.

Huh, I was skeptical about this, but I actually thought this was a worthwhile effort. Not only did they add a new wrinkle to the song, but also the visuals were upgraded and it marks a return for them to using violence to solve their problems.

On a related note, don’t forget to stan “BABOMBA“-era BADKIZ.


When will your faves glorify criminal assaults to solve all of society’s problems?


‘Ear Attack 2’ Single Album

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“Ear Attack” Song



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