‘SNL Korea’ female cast criticized for inappropriately touching B1A4 & INFINITE


SNL Korea‘ female cast members are currently under fire due to inappropriately touching members of B1A4 and INFINITE while backstage at a meeting.


There’s videos of the meetings with both INFINITE…

…and B1A4.

While I realize fandoms have a tendency to overreact, the complaints here appear to be absolutely reasonable. While both groups laugh it off, I don’t see how sending female cast members to attack the crotches of boy groups could be seen as appropriate in any way. Quite frankly, it’s sorta disturbing how this seems to be standard procedure and is glorified like it’s normal around those parts.

While the video is fuzzy, the women themselves celebrate touching the guys, so there isn’t a lot of debate to be had in that area of what went on either.

The staff initially deny anything inappropriate happened, but when confronted with the video, the staff end up apologizing.



Not sure what the solution is here, but this seems to me like a clear case of sexual harassment at least, and a proper apology and recognition of wrongdoing would be the least they could do.

Yikes, man.


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