SBS’s ‘The Show’ reportedly suspended in China due to political issues


The contentious relationship between China and Korea over the deployment of THAAD has seemingly made its way over into the entertainment world in the most overt way possible thus far. There were rumors of an unofficial ban being handed down before, ones that were refuted publicly by a government official, but now SBS‘s ‘The Show‘ has reportedly been suspended indefinitely in China due to the unofficial Korean entertainment ban.

At the moment, the reports are just coming in from Chinese fans, but they would likely know about the status of the show as they try to vote and stuff before the news trickles down to Korean news outlets.


As far as I know, there’s still no official announcement of a Korean entertainment ban in China, and I think that’s probably to the advantage of China as they can thus selectively enforce whatever they want. However, it’s quite clear that something’s going on here.


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