Park Bom makes statement to fans on 2NE1’s disbandment

Following CL and Sandara‘s statements to fans, Park Bom has posted her thoughts about 2NE1‘s disbandment to Twitter with a handwritten note.

Fans around the world~ Hi my fans who always love, protect and like me. I’m Bom. Our Blackjack! I’m so sorry because I know you guys have been waiting for us sincerely. What I can say now is that I’ve tried my best till now. I anticipated, prepared and waited for few things to show you guys. But…the world is not my oyster. I didn’t cut corners for many years. How do I forget it at once? TT?? I will not forget our “memories.” Happy and delightful moments…I will put my heart in tears, but I will put it in my heart. As I think of our farewell with our Dara, Chaerin and Minzy, I cannot say something… It takes my breath… I cannot write more things..cuz it’s really hurts In the meantime, our 4 members…”can do everything because of you guys.” I won’t forget. Thank you…T.T When the winter’s coming…yours very truly…Bom…❤️

Nothing inflammatory or anything like that, just a message to fans. That’s nice, but I highkey wanted her to let loose some truth and shit on YG or something.


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