Choi Soon Sil reportedly embezzled money intended for KCON France

As Park Geun Hye gets ready to face impeachment over her scandal (1/2/3), it was recently reported that Choi Soon Sil embezzled funds intended for KCON France.

Key points:
-700MM Won (approx. $604,000) was the invested amount. A portion of this never went to funding KCON France.
-Embezzlement was through Ministry Of Culture, Sports, And Tourism.
-Contracts were obtained by the Money Today (the ones who wrote this article) on November 20th (article published on the 21st).
-The 700MM Won were transferred to Playground Communications. Playground is one of the companies that Choi Soon Sil owns (she uses an alias for ownership). One payment of 500MM Won, another of 200MM Won.
-President Park Geun Hye visited a booth at KCON France. The company’s booth has connections to Playground.
-Playground was created on Oct. 2015. Playground has already had CF deals with companies like KT, Hyundai, and Kia, all worth large sums.

In the grand scheme of things this isn’t going to make the radar of most, not when the heads of nine chaebols are being called in for questioning and things of that nature, but it does show how this scandal is definitely rooted in the entertainment world to at least some extent.

Should be interesting to see how it expands from here since Choi Soon Sil was embezzling money through the Ministry Of Culture, Sports, And Tourism, which entertainment companies are constantly working with.


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