Tiffany comes full circle in Far East Movement’s “Don’t Speak” MV

Far East Movement released their music video for “Don’t Speak” yesterday, a track that features Tiffany of SNSD and King Chain. Most importantly, the music video features Tiffany dancing (yes) and doing so with fans (YES).

The song has been out for a while now, and it’s still the same as ever. Tiffany plays her part well, seemingly building to an interesting hook, but then we get greeted instead with a bunch of echoing vocals and a beat that isn’t nearly good enough to justify the emphasis.

The video suffers mainly because we’ve been spoiled by efforts from K-pop, but also because it’s drearily shot. Thus, combined with the atmosphere of the song, it tends to wear on you a bit as it goes along. Thankfully then, it was saved by the implementation of the fans in the choreography, because at least it gave me the entertainment of Tiffany’s career coming full circle.




“Don’t Speak”


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