Kim Min Suk denies involvement in sex vid scandal, tries to eat with Sunggyu in peace

Actor Kim Min Suk took to Instagram recently to deny involvement in the ongoing sex vid scandal.

All the guy wanted to do was eat with INFINITE‘s Sunggyu, but people have been buzzing him asking him about the rumors, “People keep contacting me. A self-cam? Asking whether I filmed myself or something like that… do I have to sue? I don’t know who started this ridiculous rumors. The world is really crazy. All I did was come to eat with Sunggyu. #IHaveNeverDoneSuchAThing

If you recall, he was the actor involved in the ‘Saturday Night Live Korea‘ sexual harassment controversy as well.

Poor guy.

As of now, from what people can confirm, the only celebrities involved are Seo Ha Joon, Seo Joon Young, and Hyung Gon of A-JAX.


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