KARD continue to be fun, party backstage & the scandals write themselves

KARD are off to a flying start with both Oh NaNa and the adult co-ed group concept. Never was that more apparent than when they messed around backstage for 1TheK.

It really is (sadly) fresh to see male and female idols interact and openly have fun with each other as if they’re in a karaoke booth or something. At multiple points, the group members even touch each other and nobody pretends to act like they just saw the other nude in the shower or something. Thank god.

Seriously though, their fun makes it easy to have fun with them, and the whole group comes off as charismatic. Hopefully they keep this up and continue to deliver.

Plus, if KARD become popular, the Pann articles almost write themselves. Somin will inevitably be the sly fox whore (“Omo, can’t believe she tried to act innocent with April!”) that’s always trying to seduce BM oppa. Additionally, the shippers are going to go insane and could meltdown their own fandom.

So that is to say I’m truly rooting for KARD for a multitude of reasons.


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