‘SBS Gayo Daejun’ is gonna put 91 nugu idols on stage together for an epic mess

SBS Gayo Daejun‘ is coming in a bit over a week, and for the occasion they’ve basically scheduled a gigantic nugu mess, creating a stage that features 91 idols in total.

They will be split into two teams based on their gender. Even that will be a feat considering there are a total of 91 members. The male idol team will have 42 members of KNK (5 members), HALO (6), SNUPER (6), ASTRO (6), SF9 (9), and PENTAGON (10). The female idol team will have 49 members of LABOUM (6), MOMOLAND (7), DIA (7), CLC (7), gugudan (9), and WJSN (13). The 12 teams were chosen because they are up-and-coming idol groups who made their mark on the industry this year. Viewers can also take this collaboration as an opportunity to guess which group will be the next big hit in 2017. The collaboration will feature performances of each group’s most popular music, and will be an epic stage that won’t be easily forgotten. The 12 teams are currently said to be busy preparing for the event.

Guess SBS wanted a bigger mess than the one they created with ‘Running Man.


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