Song Ji Hyo was reportedly inconsolable after learning about ‘Running Man’ firing

A recent report came out with more fuel for the ‘Running Man‘ fire, saying that Song Ji Hyo, who learned her fate on the show from media reports, was inconsolable after finding out.

An entertainment personnel close to Song Ji Hyo revealed just how much she was hurt from the shocking news and had a very difficult three days following the news. “She loved Running Man dearly and considered the show her family for the past 7 years. She was wounded very deeply through this ordeal. When she heard the news that she was removed from the show, she cut contact with everyone and just shut herself in and cried.”

Could be her side leaking this to get back at them for the way they handled it, or it could be true, who knows? Either way, it just piles on to the other reports that just makes the ‘Running Man’ brass look worse and worse.

To think that all of this could’ve been avoided with two phone calls is amazing.


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