‘The Show’, YMCE, TOP Media all respond to Somi/Wooshin “controversy”

As the uproar over the supposed inappropriate touching of Somi from IOI by Wooshin of UP10TION continued to grow, ‘The Show‘, YMC Entertainment, and TOP Media all released statements.

“The Show” released a statement on Twitter that read, “The show’s staff were there on location when the two MCs were filming this video to monitor the footage. The scene was filmed with the two MCs keeping a reasonable distance between each other. We hope that there are no more misunderstandings regarding this.”

“The filming was conducted while the manager was watching and after checking with Somi, Wooshin and the manager there was no such physical contact. Jeon Somi expressed worry and surprise over such assumptions being made. We would like to once again state that the accusations being made are not true. We will be careful not to worry fans again. Thank you”

“Hello this is TOP Media. We would like to make a statement with regards to the SBS MTV THE SHOW Christmas video. We have confirmed that no such physical contact was made with Wooshin and Somi and Jeon Somi confirmed that no such thing happened. We also confirmed that she was not surprised or made uncomfortable by such actions during filming. Wooshin has promised that as a public figure he will be more careful not to cause such misunderstandings again. We pray that no misunderstandings happen due to assuming comments again and apologize for worrying fans and everyone else.”

This whole controversy never made a lot of sense to me, and one can only hope that this will die down sooner than later. At least on the surface it seems like it is, but knowing how these things usually go, I’m sure everybody’s just in the process of compiling a bunch of pics/gifs/vids that “prove” Wooshin is a pervert or something like that.


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