Mizuhara Kiko saw G-Dragon on ‘Radio Star’ and has a message for him

Big Bang guested on the recent episode of ‘Radio Star‘, and while on the show G-Dragon answered questions about dating and his rumored relationships with Mizuhara Kiko and Komatsu Nana.

In the latest episode of Korean entertainment show “Golden Fishery Radio Star,” G-Dragon revealed that he is going through an ambiguous phase with Japanese model-actress Nana Komatsu and that he cannot say if he is in or out of relationship with her. As for the question targeting Kiko Mizuhara, another Japanese celebrity with whom he was rumored to have once been tied to, G-Dragon declined to clarify if they were officially seeing each other. “If I acknowledge the rumors of my ‘break-up’ with her (Mizuhara), would I be in turn accepting the rumors that we have once dated? Because then that would not be entirely truthful,” G-Dragon said. “I believe I will continue to be wrapped in romance rumors. I like to have the feelings of love in my life.”

This, of course, is more juicy because Kiko and Nana are friends (or maybe used to be).

Kiko herself currently has a new man in Shuhei Nomura.

Well anyway, I’m thinking Kiko saw the appearance on ‘Radio Star’ and is rather upset about something or other, as she just happened to make this shady-ass post on Instagram yesterday.


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Maybe it’s just coincidental in terms of timing and lyrics … but probably not.


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