AOA’s “Bing Bing” is a terrible, whining mess but hot damn they look good

AOA is back with double title tracks to kick off 2017, and if “Bing Bing” is anything to judge by, we’re all fucked.

It’s a new year, so let’s start with the positive: Jimin is back to saying “hey” a lot again. Hell yes, AOA songs are once again easily identifiable and memorable.

Unfortunately, there was basically everything else. Actually I take that back, the first verse and pre-chorus are fine. Not good since it’s rather safe and basic, but an understandable early build. However, once the chorus hits for the first time everything goes to shit. The instrumental gets busy in a bad way and the hook is performed in this voice that’s probably supposed to be sultry but is whiny as if Choa was instructed to sing like Jimin raps. Not only is it not an earworm, it is actually actively annoying to me and whenever it starts up I can’t wait until it ends.

Speaking of the rap verse, the note they hold at the end of Jimin main rap section is trolling, right? Nobody could’ve possibly thought that sounded good. And Chanmi‘s part where she repeats in English some variation of “can’t nobady do eet lyke u doo da wey u do eh” over and over is another section that just doesn’t work at all and makes me cringe.

One of my commitments to this site in 2017 is to actually keep track of the music I give opinions on so I actually have a year-end list for everybody, and there’s so much I hate in this song that it’s a likely candidate for the worst-of list.


The video basically has AOA becoming magicians and them doing random tricks thanks to CGI and stuff. But really it doesn’t matter cause the visuals are served and it was just an excuse to get them into those satin robes that looks like something strippers use before it comes off.


And so on and so forth.

Welp, hard to argue with that.


AOA look amazing and have paired one of their best visual music videos with one of their worst songs on “Bing Bing”, and this whole experience could be enhanced ten fold if you watch the video on mute. I’ve actually been torturing myself by listening to it on repeat on the off chance that it grows on me somehow, but I honestly just end up resenting the song more every time I hear it. Fuck my life.


‘Angel’s Knock’ Album

“Bing Bing” Song


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