MBK owns SEVENTEEN fan mad about DIA’s non-official lightstick and colors

MBK Entertainment is generally known for being a collection of useless fucks, but every once in a while they have their moment in the sun. Most recently, they took a gigantic shit on SEVENTEEN‘s fandom, who were throwing a fit over DIA supposedly stealing their colors/lightstick.


And so on and so forth, you get the idea. One SEVENTEEN fan even ended up calling MBKE to demand an explanation, and that’s when MBKE clapped back.

Oh thank fucking god somebody in an official capacity within K-pop finally said it. It’s a color no matter how much you cry and handwring over it.

Get a life, bitches, and give all your money to AIDS, which is still somehow a real thing.


Speaking of MBK being savage and/or dipshits, here’s Chaeyeon having her own fansign time separate from DIA.


This one, though, caused a bunch of fansites to shut down.


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