Ravi apologizes for objectifying women in “Bomb” MV, which is … it’s something


VIXX‘s Ravi‘s music video for “BOMB“, which honestly came off like a parody or something, had images of women surrounding him while half-naked.

This pissed some people off, so the half-naked women were edited out of the music video and Ravi apologized for participating in objectification of the women.

“Hello. This is Ravi. I have become aware that there are controversies surrounding the music video for my title track ‘BOMB,’ in which certain scenes are said to have contained misogyny and the objectification of women.”

“I regret not realizing these scenes would cause discomfort, and I sincerely apologize to all of my fans and everyone who felt uncomfortable [watching the music video]. I will be more careful from now on, and will continue to work hard to create good music and performances. I’m sorry.”

Hell, Jellyfish Entertainment issued an apology as well.

“Jellyfish Entertainment takes full responsibility for not being more prudent in creating our content, and causing many fans great discomfort. We will continue to work harder and listen to the public’s advice and concerns more carefully.”

Seriously, though? Over a bunch of half-naked women in a music video? My god.

It’s not that the video doesn’t objectify women, it’s that it’s hilarious that the K-pop industry is basically built on objectifying both male and female idols (and he’s basically in boxers for most of this video for no good reason) and now this mild-ass use of female models for a short period is enough to garner an apology like this from both artist and company.

If this had some people outraged, I don’t know how those people can consume any K-pop at all, basically.


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