LOONA debuts member Yeojin with “Kiss Later” and a creepy-ass MV

LOONA continued their onslaught of music video releases and member debuts with Yeojin‘s “Kiss Later” and that one psycho fan has sent me at least 20 e-mails this time around. Yes, I get it, I’m a bit behind on everything right now.

The song is playful and fun and cute, but this is not something I would ever listen to again.

Honestly? It’s hard to get over the fact that her voice, her looks, and how she’s styled makes her look 10. But that’s not all, as she’s also paired romantically with a frog man that’s really aggressive with said girl that looks 10…

…and creepy to boot.

O … k.

But hey, at least she’s not an adult woman taking pictures in a school uniform.


‘Yeojin’ Single Album

“Kiss Later” Song


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