KASPER’s “Lean On Me” is laid back and chill but forgettable

KASPER finally made her debut with DSP Media as a solo artist and in addition to rapping she also does her own singing on “Lean On Me“.

I’m a fan of KASPER as an internet personality and what not, but the look you see in the picture is basically the only look she gives when she’s on camera on broadcast. From ‘Unpretty Rapstar‘ to her ventures with Play The Siren to this, it’s just kinda awkward.

With the play on words of “Lean On Me”, it’s probably meant to have this chill mood. That’s fine, but in addition to it ending up rather boring, it also sounded disjointed. The instrumental was okay for what it was, but KASPER switching from singing in her soft tone to rapping in that same tone and then coming with the harder rap was awkward all around, especially at the start. It seemed to throw off her flow as well, which disintegrated into spoken word at points.

Pulling off the Heize was likely the thought process here, but while I don’t even like most of Heize’s efforts, I think this falls short of even that. It’s an inauspicious start because KASPER seems to be in the same place rapping-wise that she has been for years now, but I do think she can do better than this.


‘Lean On Me’ Single Album

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