KARD talk about their origins, give company tour, reveal daily life, play with Wii

KARD have gotten a lukewarm reception in Korea thus far despite positive reviews, which is understandable since they haven’t even officially debuted yet. However, internationally they’re been exploding already, and DSP Media seems to have taken notice of that since they seem to be catering to international fans (like doing the gender switch thing we harassed them for).

That trend continued with giving access to website Soompi and YouTubers BapMokja & Haeppy.


With Soompi, KARD all talked about how they got into this game and other assorted stuff, like how BM was skeptical about the co-ed concept and J.Seph misses his mom.

Also, we got a tour of DSPM, the company that will eventually let us all down in the end.

With BapMokja & Haeppy, the group does a dance practice, which reminds me that doing the same choreo five trillion times has to be terrible. They also answer a bunch of other random questions and it ends with them performing at a club after a limo ride.

Subtle how he looks at BM’s crotch as he asks why he’s called Big Matthew.

Also, here’s a picture for the shippers for Somin and J.Seph.


Anyway, here’s KARD playing Wii, somehow for the first time.

Somin is out of April.

Thank you.

She also knows where to grip on BM.

Speaking of, BM calls Somin “grandma” at 4:49.

Jiwoo also makes this celebratory sound for the ages.

Hopefully KARD blow up so that I can use this forever.


I’ve seen people say they want to make a drinking game where every time BM dabs, you drink. So I feel the need to bring you a public service announcement that you should not do this as alcohol intoxication is serious and you will likely end up dead this way as BM dabs over your corpse. Drink responsibly.


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