Sleepy is literally Zion.T & Yoo Se Yoon disturbingly becomes Adele on ‘Golden Tambourine’

This week, ‘Golden Tambourine‘ was highlighted by Sleepy performing “Yanghwa Bridge” while basically becoming Zion.T.

Speaking of transformation, Yoo Se Yoon as Adele was hilarious, and he got help from U Sung Eun to perform “Hello.”

Meanwhile, G-Dragon fanboy DinDin was appropriately the one to do “Crooked.”

Also, because everybody throws a fit when I don’t mention Yoojung (because she generally does accurate but serious covers) here she is doing Lee Jung Hyun‘s “Joollae“.

Hopefully the frequency with which Lee Jung Hyun is covered here helps people realize how legit she was back then.


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